The Leaky Ship


  Making a film is a lot like setting sail, you have a destination in mind and a rough idea of where you want to end up. Just like setting sail, getting there isn't as easy as one might expect. The most important part however is that you actually set sail, so many of us have an idea of a great story we would love to tell, yet we are too afraid to take that risk in case we sink. Venture into the unknown, because if you don't you'll always be left to wonder what if.


  Great, the first part is done, we took a chance, time to make a film. Though if it was that easy everyone would do it. As I have found out the bigger the dream the rougher the seas. The potential for things to go wrong and derail a project dramatically increase as the scale of the film grows. It is not as simple as here is a script, let's get some actors and a camera and shoot it. The planning stages are crucial; for 'The Resurgence' we have been planning everything for the past nine months trying to brace ourselves for anything that could go wrong. Will the costumes and sets be ready in time, will cast and crew relationships potentially collapse before or during the shoot, can we get the permits in time. This list goes on, things you never even thought of become a potential disaster and the problem-solving begins.


  With all these variables, the ship you have been at the helm of has started to spring a few leaks. You are now spending your time bailing out water to make sure you don't sink before arriving at your destination. This is why making a film is so special, everything is always against you. It takes one hell of a captain along with your amazing crew to keep this leaky ship afloat. This is how I view the film making process. As soon as you embark on this amazing adventure you are always sinking, and that's all part of the fun.  It isn't easy to get that ship to shore but if you want it bad enough no matter how fast you feel like you are sinking, I'm saying you can keep afloat and get to the end: maybe even in some glorious style like Jack Sparrow as he just steps onto the docks as his ship finally gives in.  

Robin BrownComment