So Many Hats


  Creating a film means you will be overseeing everything. You can't just sit back thinking you wanted to direct a film so that's all there is too it.  If you are self funding a project you will be juggling so many different hats each and every day - think of each department in the filmmaking process as a seperate hat. Remember it is your money in the end and you need to make sure everyone is doing their job accordingly. This process can send you a little nutty, as finding the right time to focus on each section becomes a big portion of your time management. When can we be comfortable in letting our team take full control so we can focus on our main job; for me it is the acting and directing side that is my main job. As the first day of shooting creeps up on us, its a good idea to slowly be putting the majority of those hats on the hat stand so we can focus on our main areas.


  You can't make a film all on your lonesome, as much as we all occasionally think it would be easier to just save ourselves the trouble.  We aren't amazing at everything, we each have our own strengths and weaknesses that we bring to the table. And a big strength is to actually know your weaknesses.  The signs of great leadership is someone who knows when they require help.  I spent six months working away, trying to teach myself how to make props and costumes. Now this was a great learning experience however it only slows everything down. It's far more time effective to have a great team that specialise in each of their own departments.  This is something I have been lucky enough to have, with an amazing Producer, DoP, Art Department, the list goes on yet they all bring their individual strengths. You are now free to juggle more of your jobs effectively as you collaborate with your team.  


  We can get caught up wanting to control everything our team is doing, but remember you hired them because you felt they were good at what they did.  We need to trust that they know what they are talking about.  If we continue to put our nose into everything it will slow them down and maybe even affect the overall professional relationship.  Let them do their job, they will run their ideas past you to make sure you are happy and they understand your vision, this is where the collaboration happens. The earlier this happens the quicker you will be able to feel confident everyone is working towards the same goal.  Now your team is working hard and if they need anything they will ask, although when everyone is on the same page the less needs to be said. It is at this point where you can slowly adjust your focus, as the machine that is pre-production is now working harmoniously together. You are able to let go of control and let things progress organically while doing what you do best; making sure this story you are telling is amazing.


Robin BrownComment