'The Resurgence Part Two' - script development


The Resurgence: A Pokèmon Fan Film -Part Two. Picking Up where Part One ends. Ash and Co are surrounded by Rocket forces. However, the unexpected addition of Pokémon that Professor Oak has been looking after has caught Rocket on the back foot. With this surprise advantage Ash and Co are able to make there escape before reaching the rendezvous point in the Pale Forest. With the Rebellion not only strengthened by the return of Ash as their leader but also Pokémon. The timing is right to dismantle Giovanni's regime and free the people from the iron grip that has bought them into poverty.


Robin Brown :: Emma Burnside :: Chris Asimos :: Cate Commisso :: Dennis Manahan :: Don Bridges :: Katharine Innes :: Jackson Tozer :: Nicole Chamoun :: Michelle Celebicanin :: Kaarin Fairfax :: Duncan Munro :: William Frankyln-Miller :: Marco Sedano :: Asha Ketchell :: Massimo Montalto.  



 'balloon' (working title) - pre production


A young girl dealing with depression struggles to stay afloat, her broken family is a constant strain on her day to day dealings. However, when her neighbour, a young boy in the grade above her, takes notice is when the heaviness that was starting to consume her is lifted.


30+ - Script development


A TV/Web series about a group of friends struggling to deal with life in their 30's.


untitled short - script development


A Post Apocalyptic short film set in a world where life is on the brink of complete and utter destruction.


untitled sketch show - development


A small sketch comedy show for YouTube.