#share solutions

   Here at Revolving Door there are lots of projects happening lately.  As we advance in the production stage of our projects, I thought it would be wise to share some advice to young film makers, helping them with their journey to success. Working on our first in house film "The Resurgence" reminded me of how important it is to learn from our mistakes and help others evolve by sharing our story.

#power of example

   Making a movie involves a lot of things that require investments and it gets scary when you start on your own, having no crowd funding and little people to support your ideas. While most of the film makers stumble upon during these early stages. Revolving Door is here to prove that you can make it happen on your own.

#smart budget

   One barrier in transforming your ideas and creativity into reality is a lack of money: My advice is to make every dollar count and have a smart approach to spending your budget. As an actor, you can't always provide a constant income to fund your projects so you have to be flexible, stretching your money across a wider period of time because you never know when the next dollar comes your way.  

#courage is real

   In time you will manage to secure funds for your projects and that is where you can start make a difference.  You have some options so why not take them into consideration. For example build a strong team and network of likeminded individuals to help support your ideas. I know when I decided to take a chance and said to myself "I will make this crazy film and I will put everything I have into it" and you know what? It was worth it and now Revolving Door is growing faster than I ever expected with lots of projects on the run.

#manage your team

   Remember you need a team (you can't do it alone, trust me I tried) to help you reach your dreams. With this comes responsibility. Paying people for their services and equipment, scouting locations, organising costumes, sets and props is really making your total budget skyrocket. However don't let that discourage you: fear can be motivating. The only way to advance and find out what it feels like at the end of the tunnel is to step forward. So me and the team from Revolving Door encourage you to take a step and walk on the stage of film creation. Lights, Camera, Action ! Your career starts now

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