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Wasteland to Wonderland

After a long time in the industry, sometimes it’s easy to just sit around and expect your time is coming. That concept destroys the reality of your dreams, turning them into a wasteland. Time doesn’t dictate when you will achieve success, only hard work and constant growth can help those dreams become reality

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Circus Act

It's a luxury to get paid to act, so we need to look towards other income streams to keep our life afloat. But what happens if those income streams don't help with our overall happiness? This can that take its toll on our creative minds. This month we look at strategies to help you transition out of those soul destroying jobs into jobs that still provide an income but also inspire you at the same time, all while we work towards that big break. 

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Feeding the Beast

Satisfying the hunger of your passions is half the battle.  It is important to understand how to give it the right foods for a long and fruitful career . Otherwise you will starve to death and become another one of the majority, who used to chase their dreams before they gave up and settled on a more financially stable career.

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