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Show Business or No Business?

As a creative, it is easy to get caught up in the craft. So much so that the business side of your art is often neglected. This can lead to a lot of missed opportunities. You are a business and you need to treat yourself like one. Ask yourself the hard question, would someone buy you?

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Circus Act

It's a luxury to get paid to act, so we need to look towards other income streams to keep our life afloat. But what happens if those income streams don't help with our overall happiness? This can that take its toll on our creative minds. This month we look at strategies to help you transition out of those soul destroying jobs into jobs that still provide an income but also inspire you at the same time, all while we work towards that big break. 

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Picking for Perfection

We spend so much time seeking this imperfect word called perfection. Yet all we are doing is sitting safely in our comfort zone. Taking a chance might mean embarrassment and admitting you actually failed, however the act of failure will ultimately be your biggest success as you learn and grow in ways you never would if you were sitting back picking for perfection.

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