'The Resurgence' 


The Resurgence: A Pokèmon Fan Film - Set 20 years after Ash began his Pokèmon journey, in a world torn apart by greed. Rocket Industries now control most of the Kanto region through their brutal regime, stopping at nothing to keep the people under their thumb.  As Rocket's power grew so did their greed, destroying habitats to fuel their growth, while hunting Pokèmon for their own selfish needs. With Ash and his two best friends Misty and Brock at the helm of a rebellion, they fought Giovanni and Rocket Industries with hope of a brighter future. They were however no match for the power Rocket had amassed over the years. The rebellion fell after a long bloody battle that saw many human and Pokèmon casualties.  It has been five years since the end of the war and not a single Pokèmon has been seen since.  Ash, after losing everything, has given up hope and remains in hiding, still hunted by Giovanni and Rocket Industries, with Nurse Joy being his only link to the outside world. However, the scattered remains of the rebellion have not given up hope as they bide their time for the opportune moment. Strange transmissions have been received from Ash's home town of Pallet, causing a stir that may just swing the balance of power away from Giovanni and Rocket Industries.


Robin Brown :: Emma Burnside :: Chris Asimos :: Cate Commisso :: Dennis Manahan :: Don Bridges :: Katharine Innes :: Jackson Tozer :: Nicole Chamoun :: Michelle Celebicanin :: Kaarin Fairfax :: Duncan Munro :: William Frankyln-Miller :: Marco Sedano :: Asha Ketchell :: Massimo Montalto.


  'Mud over Blood' - Script Development.



'Mud over Blood' is a WWII Mini Series based on the events of the Kokoda Campaign. The story follows the men of the 2/14 Infantry Battalion and the boys of the 39th Militia Battalion as they overcame their personal differences in the face of an overwhelming enemy to make a stand and protect their home land from invasion. 


Untitled Feature Film x 2 - Development


Two feature films are in the works at the moment.  More information to come in the near future

 Untitled Animated Short - Development.


A small short aimed at the festival circuit about a young boy struggling to cope with his broken family, until a young girl moves in next door.