Watching a film can transport you to a world of imagination. One where anything is possible. Sometimes this can lead to that small little niggle in your mind that speaks to you. That question that has been with you for a while now. Wouldn't it be fun to try acting one day? 

Well why don't you? If you have thought about it, then it's time to start. Revolving Door Productions has used actors from numerous different schools but there have been a couple of schools that we highly respect. One that has provided some actors with an amazing skill set that helps us achieve the quality of film we love to create.

For Teenagers wanting to get into acting, we have built a partnership with a great school the specialises in teaching teens and getting the best out of them. Melbourne Teen Actors is different from every other acting school aimed at teenagers. The thing that makes MTA such a great school is because they take each student individually. Students aren't segregated into different groups based on their skill or age. Rather seen for who they are and where they're at in their own acting journeys.


If you are an adult and are thinking about getting into acting but life caught up with you and you never really took a chance on a passion, then now is your time. Don't put if off any longer. We believe one of the best schools in Melbourne that specialises in adults would be the Melbourne Actors Lab. They have been operating now for over eight years and over those years the actors that have come out of this school have been seen across all mediums of the craft. From the Silver Screen to your TV's every night of the week to the stages through out the city. They have also begun producing more work with films and a theatre company that has started to churn out some great plays and strengthening their reputation amoungst the acting industry.