Revolving Door Productions

Our dream

In a world full of instant entertainment at our fingertips, we are constantly distracted from the real feeling of what films are all about : Storytelling. Our dream is to bring that back to foreground by telling exciting stories, that capture our imagination with their great characters, to make us become a part of their journey.

Revolving Door's story is also about a journey, a path to success for an independent production company that started with a name. This name could have been perceived as instability to a production team, but for me, Robin Brown, founder of this company, it was something more.  Revolving Door meant that even if things come and go, there is always something that connects them. Therefore I wanted to keep this name as a symbol of our connection together, so whenever you push our Revolving Door, you'll get awesome memories.

Enjoy our movies and let yourself be engaged into the wonderful world of storytelling!